Success Stories

Our bakery cafe specializes in homemade muffins, locally roasted coffee, and espresso drinks along with in-house made sandwiches and salads. Since opening our business, we have become a neighborhood spot to get away from work, home, and the hustle and bustle before getting on and off of the Metro.

It’s been a good first 7 months and we are of course searching each day for ways to improve upon what we do.

Customer Tips

“What to do? Plan accordingly, and smile at everyone you have the opportunity to meet. Treat people fairly and honestly and surround yourself with the best and brightest you can find. Thanks to the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC), getting my business up and running was not nearly as challenging as people have previously lead me to believe it would be. Especially, with the help of DCRA’s SBRC as they practically held my hand through the entire process making sure that everything was handled in a timely manner.”