What does "Entity status is revoked" mean in the District of Columbia? What is it and how can I put my company back in good standing?

If entity’s status is revoked then articles of incorporation / organization shall be void and all powers conferred upon such entity are declared inoperative, and, in the case of a foreign entity, the certificate of foreign registration shall be revoked and all powers conferred hereunder shall be inoperative.

Penalties for operating after revocation

Civil fines, penalties, and fees may be imposed on any domestic or foreign filing entity that commits an infraction of any provisions of Business Organizations Act specified under § 29-101.06 and fails to comply with any provisions thereof pursuant to Chapter 18 of Title 2 ("Civil Infractions Act").


Any entity may file an application for reinstatement and pay all back fees and file all back reports at any time. Once this filing is accepted by Corporation’s Division entity’s status will be reinstated. Once petition for reinstatement is approved, such entity shall have such powers, rights, duties, and obligations as it had just prior to the time of the issuance of the administrative dissolution or termination with the same force and effect.