DCRA Housing Inspection - Definition

A DCRA Housing Inspection is conducted by a housing inspector from the Inspections and Compliance Administration to ensure a rental property is healthy and safe for habitation. The landlord has a duty to make all repairs necessary to bring the property into compliance with D.C. Code and D.C. Municipal Regulations and to maintain the property according established standards.

All applicants for a Basic Business License for both the One Family Rental and Two Family Rental categories who have completed a BBL Self-Certification are required to have a housing inspection after the license has been issued. Contact the Inspections and Compliance Administration (ICA), (202) 442-9557, Option 6, to schedule an inspection immediately upon issuance of a Basic Business License for a residential housing endorsement.

Failure to meet all requirements within forty-five (45) days from the date of license issuance may result in the revocation of your Basic Business License, loss of paid fees, and additional administrative and civil penalties. Violations of the code that are not listed on the checklist are subject to the issuance of a notice of violation.

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