A Message from the Mayor

Message from Mayor
Dear Small Business Stakeholder:

As the District grows, local businesses continue to play a vital role in helping our neighborhoods thrive and our residents prosper. At the start of my Administration, I promised that DC Government would do more to support our Small Business Enterprise (SBE) community by better utilizing our procurement power to connect small businesses to government opportunities thus leveraging our procurement dollars to support small business growth. To fulfill this promise, in 2015, we released the inaugural FY16 Green Book and launched cbeconnect.dc.gov

Small and local businesses are critical to the District — they drive economic activity across all eight wards, employ District residents, and invest in our neighborhoods. In Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017, we surpassed our SBE spending targets with record expenditures. First, in FY 16, our spending was 217% over the target. After the success of FY 16, we increased our FY 17 target by nearly a quarter billion dollars and still exceeded that target by 132%.  Now, as we continue building on these successes, we are aiming even higher in FY18 (which ends on September 30, 2018) and committing to the single largest SBE spending goal ever — at least $656 million.

As you review the Green Book, I encourage you to pay particular attention to areas within each agency designated in pie graphs as “expenditures that are not SBE eligible.” A portion of this designation is for expenditures for a particular good or service where a known SBE does not exist. I believe that you—our SBEs—might be able to find the bandwidth to offer many, if not most, of those goods or services.

For the third year in a row, I am proud to say that my Administration is delivering. We have made tremendous strides in developing a transparent system and leveling the playing field to ensure maximum SBE participation in procurement opportunities. Through this FY18 edition of the Green Book and our CBE Connect website (cbeconnect.dc.gov), we are recommitting our support for District small businesses and doubling down on our commitment to put more Washingtonians on pathways to the middle class.


Message from Mayor

Mayor Muriel Bowser