A Message from the Mayor

Message from Mayor
Dear Small Business Stakeholder:

Small businesses are the backbone of Washington, D.C.’s economy – they hire locally, spend locally, and understand our local successes and challenges. Small businesses have not only helped us drive down unemployment and achieve a AAA bond rating, they have also helped build thriving business corridors across all eight wards and provide more Washingtonians with a pathway to the middle class.

Because they provide a fair shot to thousands of residents and workers, the Bowser Administration is proud to do everything we can to ensure local entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. One way we do this is by leveraging our procurement dollars to support small business growth. We do this most effectively when local businesses know about and can plan for opportunities to work with D.C. Government. That’s why, coming into office, we created this Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Opportunity Guide—known as the Green Book.

By providing an overview of procurement opportunities within D.C. Government and with our regional partners, the Green Book allows D.C.’s nearly 73,000 small businesses to find and seize local business opportunities.

Since the Green Book’s first release four years ago, I am proud to say that each year we have not only been able to set higher goals, but also exceed those goals. My first year in office, we set a goal of spending just over $317 million with SBEs; four years later, our new goal is $910 million. To help us reach our goals, we have once again included business opportunities with regional partners, including the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Pepco, Washington Gas, DC Water and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

I am proud of the role small and local businesses have played in helping us build a more inclusive and prosperous Washington, D.C. By working together, we can propel SBEs’ continued growth and help more Washingtonians participate in our city’s prosperity


Message from Mayor

Mayor Muriel Bowser