Get Certified

By becoming a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE), you will receive preference in procurement opportunities offered by the District of Columbia. The CBE program helps position your business to better compete in DC Government contracting opportunities.

At minimum, interested businesses must demonstrate that they are headquartered in the District of Columbia to receive the basic CBE designation—Local Business Enterprise (LBE).  LBEs may also pursue additional designations, such as SBE.

The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) designation requires a business to demonstrate that they are local (LBE); are independently owned, operated, and controlled; meet the  small business; and have not exceeded DSLBD thresholds for annualized gross receipts over the past 3 years. District agencies monitored by DSLBD are subject to an annual SBE spending goal requirement, and SBEs receive preference over all other CBEs for procurement.