Special Exceptions and Anticipated Transfers

District agencies may propose some products and services—which they are seeking to procure from private entities or other agencies— are not SBE eligible because they are Special Exceptions or Anticipated Transfers.  DSLBD reviews and confirms these requests.

Businesses are encouraged to review these Special Exception records to identify potential areas in which to expand their business and pursue future contract opportunities. Free in-depth contract assistance is available from DSLBD to help businesses build their capacity to pursue solicitations these or similar products/services. 

Special Exceptions are procurement of products and services that District agencies proposed and DSLBD confirmed are not SBE eligible for reasons outlined in outlined in 27 DCMR 830.6, including:
  • No SBEs are available to provide the product/ service due to lack of availability, interest and/ or business capacity
  • Local or federal law controlling the expenditure of the funds (such as Medicaid services) 
  • Proprietary products/services that are owned by another entity or require special licensure (such as Lexis Nexus subscription service) 

Review Special Exceptions records (Select the Special Exception tab on the dashboard)
Anticipated Transfers are funds that one District agency will transfer to another agency to implement services. For example, the transfer of funds from an agency to the Office of Chief Technology Officer to provide technology upgrades. 

Once these funds are transferred to the implementing agency, it will be determined if the goods and services procured with these funds are:
  1. SBE-eligible Planned Acquisitions (review at Funding Opportunities) and/or
  2. Special Exceptions (review above)