About Us

At the direct request of the local business community, the District government is building a DC Business Center website that will streamline and personalize the interactions professionals and business owners have with the District of Columbia’s regulatory and support agencies. This online center is mobile-friendly and will ultimately serve as a one-stop resource for finding information, completing regulatory transactions, and making payments without having to visit a number of different agencies..

The overall scope of this multi-year project will be to include all District agencies that issue licenses, permits, or certifications; or perform inspections. The center will focus on the function you want to perform rather than on the agency providing the service.

To date, the center project has primarily focused on Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) specific business processes. It features a “Start a Business” wizard for prospective business owners that, based on responses to questions, will produce a personalized checklist of the appropriate Basic Business Licenses (BBLs) and supporting documents required by DCRA to start their business. Six other industry specific start-up wizards and a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) Qualification wizard from the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) have also been developed. The center also hosts “CBE Connect” a site designed to connect local businesses with local procurement opportunities.

The center also provides registered public users with the ability to create their own “My DC Business Center” (dashboard) - used to track business licenses, professional licenses, corporate registration & filings, CBE information, and ABRA license info in a single location. Business owners and professional license holders can review their status information, complete regulatory transactions (new licenses, corporate filings, or renewals), and make payments online after logging into their “My DC Business Center” from a single site.

This is just the beginning! Over time, as new releases are rolled out, your ability to apply for more licenses, permits, and inspections will become available.